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Over 20 Years Of Helping Companies Scale

Dr. Barbra Portzline, is the President at Organizational Rebel LLC, the co-developer of the P6 Assessment, and the creator of Sherot® Oracle Cards.

With over two decades of hands-on engagement in coaching, practicing, consulting, and teaching, Dr. Barbra Portzline has first-hand experience in the ebb and flow of individual and organizational growth and the pitfalls, challenges, opportunities and dynamics that fuel successful individuals and businesses. She works with both corporations and entrepreneurs helping them implement cost effective strategies to create sustainable profits and reduce financial waste.

Her clients have achieved such results as launching signature programs, turning side hustles into profitable businesses, increasing long term revenue over 30%, successfully launching product lines, and transition from nearly shutting down their business to becoming profitable.


 Additionally, she has determined return on investments for her corporate clients and saved corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After realizing her psychic and intuitive gifts Barbra now incorporates a combination of her extensive organizational development experience and her gift of intuition to help clients generate more leads, convert them to clients for life and action their soul purpose into a sustainable company aligned with their vision.

Her work supports a cross-discipline, integrated approach to strategy, which is like no other.


What We Do

We help consultants who really want to deliver results for their clients, do just that, while having a tremendous about of time freedom – guaranteed


Our Approach

Our clients work with our team of experts to scale their practice in a way that is aligned to their soul purpose through our proprietary Rebel Results Method™.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help 100,000 service-based businesses scale so they can make more of an impact in our world.

Business Building

There are 5 key elements in building a sustainable business. You need a lead generation system that appeals to your ideal client, a way to convert prospects to clients for life, a approach to increase the number of transactions per client, a pricing model that reflects the value you provide, and a system to increase profits within your company. If you are ready to build and don’t have all of these in place working like clockwork….Let’s chat.

Scaling Your Practice

Okay, so you have the basics in place. Lead generation system, conversion process, you are increasing transactions, pricing model is stellar and you have profit. Now it is time to scale! Automate your systems, train your staff, hire a sales team, really take your practice to the next level.  Don’t do this by trial and error. Work with someone who has done it before… Let’s chat.

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PO Box 93922 Albuquerque, NM 87199

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Mon-Fri: 7:00 am – 3:00 pm MT

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